June 24, 2008

No Trivia How Big Is Your World? New Rap Songs.
Byron Crawford Shaq "Kobe How My Ass Taste"
Vast Aire - Deuces Wild: Album Review
Crank That Ice T
Niggas done killed the Rose Man
Even more proof Kanye West is a douche
h8torade.com Jeffrey Barrier - Can You Hear Me Now?

Shaq Wants Kobe To Toss His Salad
Day2Day Tuesday Morning Laughs
Model Minority For Colored Girls who Considered Homicide When Patricarchy was Enough
On Vulnerability
Real Talk NY G-Unit - You So Tough (T.I. Diss)
HOT 97- Throwback at Noon w/ Mister Cee and 50 Cent
Game - Dope Boys and Ali’s Recap of Game’s LAX Listening Session
The Game Superman Official Trailer
Rolling Stones Q & A With Lil Wayne
Damon Dash & Jim Jones on The Empire, Sneakers and the Kids
"Hi Haters": Why Won’t Old Heads Respect Today’s Hip-Hop?
Nas Perfomring @ Love Nightclub In DC
Nas Speaks About His Upcoming Album
Shaq Freestyles & Disses Kobe Bryant(Calls Kobe A Rat)
Soulja Boy Doesn’t Back Down And Drops A Cartoon Dissing Ice T
Poppin Or Floppin?
G-Unit feat. Movado - Let It Go
Kertasy - Fresh To Def
R. Kelly - Playas Get Lonely
Beyonce On The Set Of, "Obsessed"
Jacob The Jeweler Gets 46 Months In Jail
Shaq Loses His Badge Over His Freestyle
Don Imus Back At It
Hell Rell - Ruga Stories Part 1
Scritch and Scratch the Daily Freshness